Web Loans – Is Online Financing Always Worth It?


The emergence of web loans has increased the alternatives to apply for financing, both personal and aimed at purchasing an asset. Even financial companies considered traditional, such as Fidelian and Tompass , can offer products via the Internet, even if on balance it is not always possible to speak of real online loans.


Online loans with digital signature or with only a request for quote?

Online loans with digital signature or with only a request for quote?

Most online banks provide for the possibility of being able to follow at least part of the procedure via the web, by sending the requested documents remotely. Here we find for example NiceOne Bank (which relies on Tompass) and Fella which has its online loan for those who own a current account (which does not necessarily have to be web Fella).

A further example is represented by Lendomestic Bank which, taking advantage of the digital signature, offers the entire process via the web for the request and granting of a loan. A valid proposal that joins the offer of another virtual bank always of the same Sons group, or Mineson! Bank , in very similar ways. Other banks such as LW Bank and Yesjam Bank can also be added to this list.

As for banks that mainly exploit the traditional channel (such as Unicredit , Intesa SanPaolo , etc.) instead the use of the telematic channel is used to orientate and sometimes to streamline the evaluation through the use of calculators on the site. In a few cases you can proceed at least to request a quote to be used as a starting point.

The same kind of distinction can also involve the financial companies, led by Agos in the use of the entirely online process, but with a good percentage also of smaller companies able to offer interesting solutions.


Is online financing more and more convenient?

Is online financing more and more convenient?

In everyday life you are now used to saving with the use of products and services that can be used or purchased online. But when it comes to financing, the choice must be made first by looking at convenience in a much broader way. In fact, it is also necessary to make sustainability assessments (which can be conditioned by the maximum installment duration) as well as the rates offered, incidental costs, etc.

So in principle it can be said that web loans “cost” less to banks (or financial) which therefore can offer lower rates , but that this must be verified personally, by making different estimates and simulations.

This will allow you to find the compromise that best suits your needs and the amount of the installment will consequently be easier to repay. Finally, as regards the ease of delivery, the differences between online and the ‘traditional’ way can be marginal, except in the case of a practice that needs the help of a consultant presenting particularly critical aspects.




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