Loans without credit check.


 To say it straight away, there are no loans without a credit check – at least not from banks. The credit check is the be-all and end-all when it comes to lending, so loans without a credit check are something that is impossible.

What belongs to the credit check in Germany

What belongs to the credit check in Germany

If you want a loan, you have to be creditworthy, and in order to determine this, the creditworthiness of the loan applicant is checked in advance. In Germany at least, this means that the Credit bureau of the loan applicant is queried and that their income and financial circumstances are examined. Credit is only granted to those who can demonstrate a so-called “clean” Credit bureau and a regular income of a seizeable size.

If one of the factors does not apply, it looks bad. In many cases, the loan application is rejected or the bank requests additional collateral, for example in the form of a solvent guarantee. The procedure is always the same and for the time being it is irrelevant whether it is a small or a large loan amount.

Loans without Credit bureau are not the same as loans without a credit check

Loans without Credit bureau are not the same as loans without a credit check

If you have a regular and good income, but a negative Credit bureau then you have at least the opportunity to switch to a loan without Credit bureau, which is often equated with loans without a credit check. But that is something completely different.

The loan without Credit bureau or the Credit bureau-free loan are not loans without credit checks. Banks in Switzerland, for example, only refrain from obtaining Credit bureau in connection with the loan request. In this case, however, the creditworthiness is only assessed according to the income situation.

This means that there are no loans without a creditworthiness test, on the contrary, the income situation is particularly important and unemployed or Best Bank recipients have no chance of Credit bureau free loans. Those who find themselves in this situation should focus their activities on finding a job, because creditworthiness still depends on orderly income relationships. What can still be achieved without a Credit bureau query can usually not be achieved without income from employment.

Exceptions in Germany may be the mail order companies and retail, where no proof of income is required for smaller amounts of credit, but Credit bureau is always asked for this. Nowhere without everything.




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